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Light for education in Madagascar

Source:www.pmstate.com Author:Zhouhao Datetime:2016-4-11

         The Swiss solar company Tritec international AG will install 10 off-grid PV systems in Madagascar by 2012. The project is running under the slogan "Light for education". Schools, clinics and community buildings in two villages in the south of the island will be able to use the solar power to replace the current diesel-generators and sooty oil lamps. Tritec initiated the project in 2009. The Swiss organization Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Promotion in International Cooperation (REPIC) and German International Cooperation (GIZ) are also involved. The German company SolarWorld sponsors the solar modules and Tritec trains the local solar installers, who plan and install the systems and put them into operation, As the Swiss company emphasizes, the off-grid systems should contribute to self-sufficiency. Nevertheless, Tritec will monitor the installations every two years.
         The project is being realized in the villages of Ankilimalinike and Mahababoke, which are not connected to the public power grid. The electricity will be used to cool medicines, for medical machines and computers, or it will be stored for use during the hours of darkness. In addition to the solar modules on the roofs of schools and community buildings, street lamps are being installed and solar-powered charging stations for batteries are being set up. The users of the electricity will pay a price that is equivalent to the costs for coal or oil - the advantages of clean energy will thus be free of charge.

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