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Siemens to supply 100 MW turbine for Indian solar power station

Source:www.pmstate.com Author:Zhouhao Datetime:2016-4-11

      Siemens Energy is going to supply a turbine for a solar thermal power plant in India. The plant will be built by the Indian Lanco Infratech technology group. AS with almost all Indian solar thermal power stations,it will be erected in the Rajasthan region. Siemens has not yet confirmed the sale, but has announced that they are in negotiations with Lanco Infratech.
     Recently, tenders were invited for large power station capacities as part of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission(JNNSM). These capacities have now been allocated. The programme is split into three phases in which India plans to build 20 GW of solar energy capacity in total. In the first phase a rated capacity of 1 GW is to be installed by 2013.
     The project has only just started, but "turbines have the longest lead time among the components needed, so we've ordered them already," said V. Saibaba, Chief Executive Officer for Solar at Lanco in an interview in Singapore.

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