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New mounting system for flat roofs

Source:www.pmstate.com Author:Zhouhao Datetime:2016-4-11

      The solar energy system company MP-tec has launched a new module support system for flat roofs, The system, called Snowflake, is designed for roofs with a low load-bearing capacity. Depending on module weight, the anti-shading space between the modules and their distribution, a load of about 8kg/m2 arises. Snowflake can be used on metal, plastic sheeting or bitumen-covered roofs as well as on roofs covered with corrugated fibre cement sheets. It has an aerodynamic design, so that wind generates downforce, which keeps the installation on the roof. Thus, it does not require any additional ballast.
     The system can be installed without roof penetration, which avoids any problems with leaks. Module tilt angle is optionally 10 or 150 in order to keep shading losses low. The specific area requirement is approximately 9m2/KW installed. Snowflake is suitable for both frameless and framed modules with a width of 800 to 900 mm and a length of 901 to 1,030 mm.

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